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Are alcohol and drugs having an affect on your well being? The following questions can you help you determine if you may have an alcohol or drug dependency problem.

Have you ever felt you should cut down on your drinking or drug use? 
Have people annoyed you by criticizing your drinking or drug use? 
Have you ever felt bad or guilty about your drinking or drug use? 
Have you ever had a drink or used drugs first thing in the morning to steady your nerves or to get rid of a hangover?*

If you have answered yes to any of these questions there's a strong indicator that you may be chemically dependent.

It is my mission to reach out and support those who have and are suffering from stress, trauma and loss as well as substance use/dependency. I am dedicated to promote self healing by providing you with authentic, compassionate, effective and respectful counseling services. 

I believe dysfunctional emotions can often be a contributing factor to physical illness and that finding a holistic way to cope with these emotions can lead a person to a state of well being.

As your counselor, I will listen to you, I will not pass judgement, and I will support you in your journey to recovery.

“Vitality shows in not only the ability to persist, but the ability to start over”
- F. Scott Fitzgerald

*(Source: Dr. John Ewing, founding Director of the Bowles Center for Alcohol Studies, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)